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English Speaking Art Internship in Germany

Many young aspiring artists, musicians and many other creative people would like to know how they can land an English speaking paid art internship in Germany. It is already a fact that many talented young aspiring artists have landed internships at world-famous German art museums such as the Berlin Museum and the Uffizi Gallery. The question remains. How do you find an English speaking art internship in Germany or any art or culturally related internships for that matter?

You may want to consider taking some time off from your studies and searching for an English-speaking unpaid, partially paid or fully paid art internship program in Europe, primarily if you work in a fine arts museum. Many art museums mainly seek internships for their young aspiring artists, which can be various and exciting, including assisting researchers or curators, administrative assistants, cataloguing and much more.

Alternatively, you may want to consider applying directly to some of the most significant art museums in the world in Germany, such as the Berlin Museum who has an international internship program for those between 18 and 30 years old who have studied at least two years of undergraduate academic training.

The Berlin Museum is looking especially for students with a graduate degree from British conservatoires and other music institutions as well as top fashion designer graduates from renowned universities throughout Europe such as Goldsmiths College London, Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Mode Paris (ENSM), Antwerp Academy, the Royal College of Art London and Central St. Martins.

Interns will work closely with the head of the curation department at the Berlin Museum, which includes assisting researchers on German costumes, coordinating fashion collections, drawing sketches of fashions and clothing, and writing catalogues. Interns are also responsible for conducting research, especially on historical aspects of modern-day modelling and fashioning, including researching exceptional library archives containing newspaper articles from 1770 to 1920, exhibition catalogues, and other resources.

Interns will also work with different artists from all over the world, including those who belong to the Artist Residency Program, the International Artist Residency Program, and other programs. This means that interns are exposed to many different talents and diverse cultures plus have an opportunity of getting in touch with some of Germany's renowned international artists and musicians such as Solvejg Grau, Einat Rimon, Souchka Cabaeva, among others.

Internships at German museums are not just limited to art museums, but there are also many opportunities for cultural or museum internships in Germany. Interns can acquire internship experience while working on different museum tasks, especially if they want to pursue a career in arts administration graduation seriously. If you wish to gain first-hand experience in arts administration, cataloguing, and event planning, this can be the right choice.

There are also many internship opportunities available at different German cultural institutions and organizations, such as at Goethe Institut, which offers other cultural internships all over Germany which will enable interns to acquire work experience by participating in various workshops and events to get a chance of meeting people from different parts of the world.

Interns can work closely with many renowned artists through working alongside them on several workshops conducted by highly recognized cultural experts. The Goethe Institut is the most prominent foreign language teaching organization in Europe, where it has taught more than fifty million people.

Suppose you are an art history or museum studies student who wants to work at a big historical site. In that case, this is an excellent opportunity for you to acquire work experience, especially after graduating from college or university. Internship opportunities are available all over Germany. Some places include museums, libraries, art galleries and theatres such as the German Historical Museum, which was founded in 1891 to collect documents about German history.

There are so many internship opportunities available if you want to gain exposure while working on different tasks such as cataloguing artefacts and research papers, which will be very useful for your career in the future.

Suppose you have always dreamed of working at a German museum or cultural institution, and this is your first time to explore all possibilities available. In that case, there are many things that you should do since it will help guide you through the process of getting an internship in Germany.