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English Speaking Internships in France


France has long been the international center of art, science, Paris Fashion Week, and a dream destination for every traveler. It hosts the fourth-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and takes the seventh spot as the world-leading economy by GDP and ninth-largest by buying power parity. Leading corporations like BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, LVMH, Bouygues Group that employ more than 100,000 employees have their HQ based in France. High paying salaries, a good standard of living, and social benefits are critical aspects that make France one of the most desirable places to work. There is no doubt that many internships will require one to speak in French or any other European language, but since there are so many international companies that put out vacancies for English speaking internships in France, the possibilities are endless.


Other benefits of working in France is that it performs well at global rankings of training, healthcare, life expectancy, and human growth. It is globally regarded as the prominent force, representing one of the UN Security Council's five permanent members, making it a vital part of the European Union and the Eurozone.


Unlike other major European countries like the Netherlands, Germany, or Sweden, where 71% of the population speaks English, it is uncommon to find such a culture in France.


Use our guide to discover more about the French job market, what kind of English speaking internships are available in France, and how to land one quickly. 


Interning in France as an Expat 


In France, where most internships require you to speak a minimum of some French or have a certain level of language proficiency, it can be challenging for a native English Speaker to find an internship. 


As far as foreigners are concerned, the French labor market can be divided into highly qualified and less qualified. 


The chances of working in France are more realistic if you have reputable university degrees and international experience.


France has very well established companies and upcoming start-ups with flexible hours looking to hire highly-skilled English speakers. Thus, if you speak languages ​​other than French like English, you will considerably increase your chances of getting an internship in France.


In terms of cities, Paris, Lyon, Marseille is considered a natural choice for expats. 


Can I get an Internship in France without speaking French?


A commonly perceived idea reflects that the French are bad at the English language and are easily off-putting when speaking another language. So, is this true?


According to surveys, 9 out of 10 French people consider themselves less good at foreign languages ​​than other Europeans and are more critical of teaching foreign languages ​​in France. 


In another survey organized by the organization EF, France is at the bottom of the table on English proficiency among European countries, at the 35th position. Italy and Spain are also at the bottom of the table. The countries that are mastering Shakespeare's language the best are, unsurprisingly, the countries of northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands). 


Don't panic if you feel hostile between the French; it is always possible to get through by speaking Frenglish. 


Is it easy to get an English speaking internship in France?


Yes and No. 


Finding internships in France for foreigners is often a complicated matter. Each year, many international students experience difficulties in their research. It can often feel like a multitasking game by submitting multiple cover letters, resumes, and online applications. 


Without a doubt, finding English-speaking internships in France can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself, but the rewards are fruitful. We have covered seven crucial steps which can help you land a permanent contract or full-time employment in France in 4 weeks!


Although these pointers can play a vital role in putting you ahead of other candidates, the primary essential aspect is your willingness, determination, and passion for the field you want to start your career. 


Searching for an Internship in France is a not-so-easy task. To have successfully found your next internship in France, it requires enthusiasm to grit one’s teeth, explore further, and grind it out and keep going when the going gets hard. It also means not giving up when internship applications do not work out as intended or hoped. 


Internships in France for Non-French Speakers


A professional life in France is mainly focused on French, especially in the B2C sectors (sales, customer contact, etc.) or in medicine, where French fluency is essential. However, many French employers with an international footprint are present, where the working language is English. 


Working in France without speaking French can be very much possible. However, daily life without speaking French can be more complicated, since in France, whether on product packaging or television, everything is translated into French.


As stated previously, if you do not master French but are a native speaker of English, all hope is not lost; English is the international language. Many multinational and import-export and start-up internships will be open to you.


What English speaking internships are in demand in France?


With a dynamic job market and protective social law, France remains a welcoming land for professional mobility candidates. France has nearly 66 million inhabitants, and Paris employs 23.3% of all internships in France. The most preferred internship offers for English speakers are in the field of IT, Engineering, Marketing, Finance, and Business Development. 


How to find English speaking Internships in France in 4 Weeks?


Finding an internship is not an easy task in a country where your native language, such as English, is not the country's mother tongue. To be effective, know that it is not the number of applications sent but their quality that makes the difference. 


Exploration, organization, and preparation: these are seven critical steps to finding your desired English speaking internship offers in France.


Finding internships in France for foreigners


There are numerous job boards where an internship seeker can search for internships in France for non french speakers on platforms like Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor. Still, the primary challenge is to search within these descriptions if they require French or any other European language as part of their recruitment requirement, and if you want to kick start your career in 4 weeks, it can be a time-consuming process. 


What if there was a job board just for English-Speakers which does not require French or any other language, but English and has plenty of opportunities? Thus, in turn, it could save you tons of time, and you could find the latest internships as per your career interest. It sounds exciting, right?


Faruse is the perfect solution for finding internships in France for non-french speakers. Every day, there are 1000+ English speaking internships released on the platform, which can turbocharge your internship search. You can filter the search results as per your field of expertise, type of internship - summer internship, or company and directly apply to your desired position.


To put it as clearly as possible, you will not have much internship-search success unless you know how to uncover as many internships as possible, act on those internship leads, and then follow-up on future postings. Internship leads are essential in the search process, and if you are looking for internships abroad for English speakers, you are at the right place!


Get Organized with an Internship Dashboard


To be more agile, you must have a collection of all the English-speaking internships you have applied for. Why is this important?


Often neglected, the organization is essential in a internship search. In particular, it is vital to note all the details of each position and each application: company for which we have applied, for which internship, which missions, on what date, what contacts we have had with them, etc. 


If you ever receive an unexpected phone interview from a recruiter interested in your profile and you no longer remember the offer or when you answered it, the application process may start badly.


You can access the dashboard on Faruse, where you will daily receive English speaking internships in France in the form of internship alerts customized according to your career interests. 


It will provide you with a systematic framework on different touchpoints of the internship-seeking journey, from applying to managing your internship interviews and, most importantly, following up with your recruiters at the right time. This will save you extra hours that can be well used to prepare for your upcoming phone interviews or in-person meetings.


Resume Optimisation


A company receives a large number of applications for a published internship posting. To stand out and catch the eye of the recruiter, you must customize your CV. 


An excellent personalized CV must include a clear title, keywords suited to the position sought, and well-informed professional experience.


You should also know that most of the recruitment firms use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to quickly filter and rank your resume based on its relevance to the internship description. 


To ensure your CV and cover letter are tracked, make use of Faruse's AI-powered free resume builder. It makes sure that your CV targets the right keywords, provides you real-time content analysis, and the best part, you can also directly import all your information from LinkedIn. 


Our AI resume builder will ensure you are fully compliant with the industry standards of beating down the ATS and landing more interviews for your next internship in France. 


Do not spend hours perfecting your resume and cover letter when you can customize it within 10 mins. The best part, you can create unlimited tailored resumes with life-time access. No monthly installments, sweet deal, isn't it?


Legalities: What are the visa requirements for landing an Internship in France?


France is an inviting country just not for the millions of tourists who visit for leisure but also for thousands of university students moving to France for higher education. If you are a citizen of the EU, EEA countries, or Switzerland, you don’t need a French work permit to secure a permanent or part time job in France.


Foreigners who enter France to take up an internship must have a work permit or graduate students enrolled in a French university can ask their university for a “convention de stage”. Otherwise, a company cannot hire him/her. The permit can take either a visa or a residence permit, or a document separate from the residence document.


It depends on your internship contract. For example - a university student with internship contracts can initially become 1 year-term visa holder and renew it before its expiry. Sanctions are levied in the event of the employment of an illegal worker.


Visa management is a tricky one, even if you are in France as an expat or plan to move to France. The French administration is a bit complicated, and getting around can be challenging as a non-french speaker. 


If you are struggling to find the answers to your visa-related questions, you can always send us an email, and our visa expert team will be happy to answer your questions. 


Alternatively, you can also check out some Facebook groups where people must have surfaced in a similar situation, but one should always prefer professional advice if possible. 


We often get asked - Can I move to France without an Internship?


Leaving everything to go and live in another country, whether it's Netherlands, Germany or some other, it's always the same.


In case you plan to move to France without an internship placement, you need to ensure you have financial savings that correspond to what you need to survive i.e. living costs. You have to count the rent and the cost of living, consider the costs of transport to work, etc. For rent of 500 euros, you must earn more than 1500 euros net monthly, therefore) or find guarantors which can also be your parents, relatives.


Although it sounds like a wild ride, it is not impossible, and the chances to get an internship in some instances may improve as one can directly meet the recruiter and other team members. It is essential to understand your visa situation and consider the other external factors before making this call. 


Learn New Skills During your Internship Search


Learning throughout your career is essential to be able to evolve and gain skills. Continuous learning concerns all those who have entered the workforce: employees, job seekers, self-employed workers, and liberal professions or work-study students.


The French companies also provide financial help and time-off during work if you learn intensive language courses to improve your knowledge. It is possibly the best way for students to show a recruiter that you are more than ready for the new challenge by learning new skills and upgrading their knowledge.


It will not only help you to boost your confidence but give an added advantage over other candidates. 


There are numerous paid courses that one can undertake, but at Faruse, we are very focussed on self - development and release free course worth over €1000 every month to help students and job hunters. One can take advantage of these free online courses that come with a certification and use them on their CV and Linkedin to attract potential recruiters. 


Recruitment Toolbox for Preparation


Practice makes one perfect, and if you have the right recruitment toolbox, you can speed up your preparations for interviews and analytical tests. This will help you to create a perfect first impression and ace your interviews. 


Before any interview with a recruiter, you should prepare yourself. You must collect as much information as possible on the internship positions, missions, contact, activity, results, market, operations, and values ​​to show your seriousness and motivation during the interview.


Having the right recruitment toolbox from the beginning can help you research this information in no time, and you can also use it in your cover letter to make a lasting impression. 


We have made a list of 50+ tools that can help you understand more about the recruiter - likes/dislikes, how to communicate to land interviews quickly correctly, LinkedIn hacks to put your internship search on automation, and tons of valuable resources ahead of your competition. 


If you need access, reach out to us. 


Career Counselling


It is well known that the search for an internship is a challenging and time-consuming task. And for a good reason, it is hard to guess in advance the company's requirements, what it considers to be strengths and weaknesses. 


However, when university students are not getting any reverts, it is customary to lose motivation, leading to frustration.


If you are in this boat, do not worry; you can book a consultation call with our team. We are always ready to provide you with suggestions about your internship search, resumes, and most importantly, develop a third eye perspective to overcome your obstacles. 


Essential Things to Keep in Mind when searching for internships in France for non french speakers


Remuneration: What is a good salary in France for an Intern?


The level of wages in France has been increasing over the years, but there are several indicators. The annual net salary and the monthly gross salary is calculated every month. The housing and lifestyle in France can be expensive to afford if one is not paid enough for their efforts. 


Half of the employees receive less than 1,850 euros net per month, 17% receive more than 3,000 euros, 8% more than 4,000 euros per the data by OBSERVATOIRE DES INÉGALITÉS. But for an internship the rules are different and the standard minimum gratuity is 577.50 € with 35 hours per week, and it is possible to benefit from a budget for transport and your meals.


Moreover, it is illegal to have unpaid interns if the internship is more than 2 months and an internship program cannot be designed to fulfill all the roles of a permanent contract.


It allows you to understand better the salary landscape and negotiate better when you sign your next internship contract in France.


Keep Various Options Available 


Did you know that a fixed-term contract (CDD) is paid more than a full-time employment contract (CDI) in France?


Yes, that is true. Because CDD (a type of employment contract) is classified as an insecure job, the employer will pay you 10% more than the minimum salary basics. In case you are working extra hours, you do get paid for that as well. 


Indeed, job security with a permanent contract is priceless. Nevertheless, a CDD earns more, it seems. At the end of your contract, your balance of any account may hold some good surprises for you. Keep your eyes open for a fixed-term contract that matches your expectations. 


Apart from internship program, part time jobs, and seasonal jobs are lucrative to get a full-time placement in a French company. Depending on your internship's length, the remuneration is an element that varies from one offer to another. Therefore, doing an internship has two advantages: earning money while learning and gaining crucial skills for your future career.


Other Top countries to consider when searching for English speaking internships in Europe.


What is the best country in Europe besides France to live in for an English speaking foreigner?


The standard of living in all countries across Europe is quite remarkable. Bustling countries like the Netherlands and Germany have numerous opportunities to offer foreigners searching for a wide range of English speaking internships. 


One advantage of working in these countries is that access to Europe is easy, and one can always migrate to France when there is an excellent opportunity. Do not hesitate to glance over the English speaking internships abroad in countries like the Netherlands and Germany if you feel interested. 




Living abroad in a city like France with its romantic backdrop, stunning beaches, and fine-dining dream of many adventure seekers. It is just too much to resist for expats that dream of living in among the world’s most happening countries.


Not having enough French skills or no french is not a deal-breaker for finding an English Speaking internship in France. It is always possible to learn the language by taking french lessons, interacting more often with the international interns community, or living with a french family. Make use of online tutorials on Youtube, which can be a great start for improving your French language skills.


You can check out more than 1000+ available internship opportunities and companies hiring English-speakers for their next role. Some companies actively look for English speakers, so make sure to check those out first. Also, if you need more tips for finding your next employment contract or internship interview, do not hesitate to reach out to us by e-mail. We are available 7 days per week to answer your queries. 


Lastly, although there are ample career opportunities in other countries, France has its own advantages and disadvantages for finding English speaking internships in France.