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English Speaking Art Internship in France

Are you searching for English Speaking Art Internships in France? This article will talk about some of the best art programs, which require an intermediate or native level of English. Also, we will inform you about how to find this kind of internship and your chances of getting one.

Different English Speaking Art Internships in France

Some say that studying abroad can make you a better artist, but is it true?

If yes, then why do lots of students who study abroad never fulfil their potential as artists? It's either they get used to living on someone else's money, or the type of education they receive at art school does not entirely translate into real-world skills. So if you want to improve yourself as an artist by studying abroad, then make sure that the school you're attending provides you with a creative environment to learn new skills and helps you find paid internships and jobs after your studies. This is why we recommend choosing art schools in France for English Speaking Art Internships in France.

Art Culture in France

Wikipedia says that "France is considered as an important country where students can study a foreign language and culture because of its location at the heart of Europe and many international companies are located here" (1). That makes us think if studying Art in France will be interesting for those English-speaking students who love travelling around Europe, have to change their mentality from learning Japanese or Korean into French. They should realize that they have to do something different to change their art career and learn another foreign language. The more you know about the culture and speak French, the easier it will be to get an English-speaking art internship in France.

If we look at the history of French Art, we can see that many famous artists studied in France and created masterpieces over here. For example, Paul Cézannewho was born on January 19th 1839, had a significant influence on 20th-century art (2). He was one of the founders of Post-Impressionism. In 1905 he was mentioned as "the father of modern painting" by Guillaume Apollinaire. Another artist from France who lived during the same time was Pablo Picasso, born on October 25th 1881. He is considered today as one of the most influential artists of all time. We can name more famous French artists who studied in France like Henri Matisse, Georges Braque or Philippe Starck.

Many foreigners are searching for English-Speaking Art Internships in France because they want to be inspired by a new culture just like these artists and learn about French history and Art while improving their abilities at the same time like how Chinese students study abroad to improve their English skills and discover new cultures. If you want to join them too, then keep reading…

Things to keep in mind when pursuing an Art career in France

When you choose to study Arts in France, your professor will make you discover not only the culture of France but also many other countries' cultures like art and history lessons on Ancient Greece. If my understanding is correct, a lot of French people draw their inspiration from Greek Mythology. Lots of French artists love creating new interpretations or new types of works based on these myths. A good example is Paul Cézanne, who painted spectacular landscapes which Zeus inspired. So when we want to choose an Art program in France, we have to learn about Astrology.

If you want to become a great artist, then there are some things that you have to know about pursuing an art career in France :

Art and Culture in France are closely linked. The level of Arts education in France is very high, so it can be said that every artist who wants to accomplish great things should know French history and culture very well.

There are some prestigious art schools in France. If you want to study a foreign language, culture or international business in Europe, why not choose an Art program in France? You will have the chance to learn about both French and European cultures. Plus, the quality of education offered by art schools in France is unquestionable!

The best way to improve your life as an artist is by studying abroad. This way you will discover new places where you could travel through your paintings, later on, meet people with different ideas and learn new languages.

Intern in France as an Art Student

There are a lot of schools in France which teach Art for free as well. These programs can lead you to get an English-speaking art internship in France and make your learning experience more fun. Getting scholarships or free education just by studying something you want to do is always an incredible feeling!

If you want to choose this option, then here's what you would need:

A foreign language: You should be able to speak French like a native, and hopefully have some knowledge about other European cultures. So if you don't speak any foreign language at all, I think it might be the right time for you to start learning French or Spanish (or Italian, German, Russian etc.).

Passion: You have to love Art; after all, it is your life. So if you feel this way, then don't forget to express yourself with colours!

Creativity: Teachers and students in art schools will help you develop your creativity because they genuinely believe there's no limit to an artist's imagination. I would really recommend you to join the program “Cours de Civilisation Française et Francophone Européenne pour Étrangers” which is a free Culture course offered by the Institut français for non-French people . The teacher can be any French native speaker, but they always have to be a specialist in the French culture that he's teaching. This kind, of course, will help you improve your English skills and learn more about French history and Art.

Best Cities to Live in France as an Art Student

There are so many great cities to live in France where you can study Arts! Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux are just a few of them. Each town offers different perspectives on European arts and culture. So if you want to choose an Art program in France or any other country for that matter, always make sure to do some research about it first! There is no 'best' city to live in; It all depends on what kind of lifestyle you want. If you come from big cities like Istanbul, I don't think that living in a place with less than 500 000 inhabitants will be good for you (in most cases anyway). Besides these cities, there are also smaller towns which have amazing clubs and cultural life too.

Working in France as an Art Student

Art is a lifestyle, and it's not that simple; you have to be very passionate about your job because many people want to do the same thing you do. So if you're going to make a difference, then work hard! You can either take voluntary internships or paid jobs in France (Sometimes, these jobs come with scholarships and various other benefits). For you to become successful in Art, I think you should create your own style/identity first by making different paintings about the same subject: For example, if you like doing portraits of our beloved leaders, try painting them in different styles (from realistic to abstract), and then present all of your paintings in your portfolio. This is because you will be able to tell the people who see your portfolio which one of them is your favourite. That way, they can understand what kind of style you have better.

Final Thoughts

Studying abroad is a great way to enhance your skills, creativity and career opportunities. Above all, it can help you build confidence and develop leadership qualities that are highly sought after in the corporate world. Make sure to consider these above attributes when choosing an English speaking Art Internship in Europe!