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English speaking consulting internships in Germany

English speaking consulting internships in Germany is an excellent chance for the potential consultant to experience the German business culture firsthand. This multicultural country has a dynamic economy and an entrepreneurial society that are open to foreign professionals with a desire to learn. While the English consultants can expect to make many new friends in Germany, they will also be joining a thriving European economy that enjoys robust economic growth. The German labour market offers competitive wages and is generally well-suited for consultants with an MBA or MA in Business Administration. The German work culture is also considered to be customer-oriented, with most companies expecting their consultants to be on hand to solve their customers' problems when they arise.

Germany is home to many top corporate names. These names alone provide the English consultant with plenty of reasons to visit the country. Companies such as these consistently produce excellent results for their clients and offer stellar compensation packages. It is easy to see why English consultants feel a sense of pride when they receive an award from a company. In addition, Germany is home to a diverse and highly influential global business community. This global business community includes the leading business advisory firms, investment banks, international trade associations, the United States Department of Commerce and other international organizations.

An English consultant has an opportunity to practice her or his English language skills in an atmosphere where that skill is valued and encouraged. Another advantage that comes with internships in Germany is the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. Most internships in Germany provide an opportunity for the intern to travel to various client offices and observe how business is conducted there. The experience provided by the intern can prove invaluable and can increase the knowledge and proficiency of the intern. As part of the internship, the intern will typically be responsible for preparing presentations for both clients and business partners. Interns also have the opportunity to perform in front of other potential clients.

There are a variety of different types of internships available in Germany. If the intern wishes to be involved in business consulting or management consulting, there are several internships in Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich. These internships are the perfect opportunity to experience control consulting at its finest.

Frankfurt is home to some of the world's most prestigious consulting firms. These companies employ hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the United Kingdom. Management consulting in Germany consists of serving as a translator between English speaking clients and the local German-speaking staff at the various firms. Fluency in English is also required.

Cologne is home to one of the largest banking centres in Germany and is home to many global banks. Many of the banks that provide business consulting services in Germany are located in Cologne. Because of this high concentration of global banks, corporate clientele, and international business firms, an intern must be fluent in English. Being fluent in English will assist with gaining access to the various banking services and assist with gaining employment at any of the leading consulting firms in Germany.

Munich is home to another excellent placement location for those interested in a placement within the business consulting industry. Consultancies provide a myriad of internships, both paid and unpaid, throughout the year. Their internship program boasts weekly training sessions that are tailored to all levels of experience. This placement program has been used by thousands of students throughout Europe, North America, and South America.

If an intern cannot find an internship during their stay in Germany, they may wish to consider taking a German language course. For a minimal fee, these classes can provide students with the necessary skills for their coveted internship while enabling them to have access to business consulting opportunities after graduation. With a bit of research, it is possible to find a top-notch course that provides a placement near the perfect European city. Taking an English speaking consulting internship in Germany is ideal for students to gain valuable experience and begin their careers in the business consulting industry.