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English Speaking Human Resources Internships in Germany

The English speaking internships in Germany allow candidates an opportunity to gain international experience while building their resumes. Many countries have several foreign organizations that offer internships to give local students exposure to outside cultures and diversity while helping them prepare for careers with some of the world's top multinational firms.

English Speaking HR Internships in Germany can be ideal for gaining experience and developing your professional skills.

However, if you don't know about the language before arriving, make sure you are enrolled in a class offered by the host company, or there are plenty of other English-speaking individuals who will help you understand what is going on.

There are several organizations whose sole purpose is to assist in coordinating internships for expat students. This office often has internship positions available both full-time and part-time, allowing newcomers to get to know local people while improving their foreign language skills.

You can also find jobs on Faruse.com - It is a free job site in Germany where you can find English-speaking internships.

Getting an internship program in Germany means that you should have an appropriate visa. There are several types of visas; the most common and easiest to get is a student or scientific visa. The applicant must also prove financial resources for the time they will be staying in Germany. These things need to be verified with certificates and income statements.

English Speaking Internship Job Sectors in Germany

The sectors you will find English speaking internships in Germany are as follows:

Media communications and publishing, automotive, construction, banking and finance, food industries, media industries, advertising agencies and human resource areas.

English Speaking HR Internship Duties

Human resources administrative tasks - on-site or at home

Résumé editing and translation of documents

Data entry for company databases

Performing general office duties

Filing correspondence and files of all kinds; making travel arrangements; setting up schedules etc.

Tracking employee benefits such as vacation time accrued or pension plans offered by the company. You can also assist with negotiations between workers' unions and corporate heads. In addition that HR departments often have interns assist in writing job descriptions.

Additional Skills Required for English Speaking HR Internships

Organizational skills are essential to this position. You'll be juggling multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, so the ability to prioritize work and meet tight deadlines is crucial to the role.

Specialized knowledge of human resources concepts can also benefit you greatly in your internship. This internship requires a person who can easily pick up new knowledge as needed but must also avoid getting sidetracked by unnecessary details and lose focus on the goals and objectives of the internship.

You should demonstrate that you're detail-oriented since you will likely handle important documents with accuracy.

In addition, while working with other people or groups can be challenging, you must make an excellent first impression on others in the company by being well-spoken, professional and confident.

Proficiency with computer programs is also helpful because you will likely handle documents or spreadsheets of various types in your work. Further, managed employees' information such as addresses and contact numbers through Outlook or Excel.

Top Companies in Germany for Internships

Lufthansa Group, the largest airline group in Europe, always relies on interns with specialized aviation experience. This German company regularly employs English speakers for their internships and traineeships. The Lufthansa Group not only focuses on international flights but also sometimes offers business opportunities at airports across Germany.

Volvo is one of the leading companies in automobile manufacturing. As a result, they require potential candidates to be very well versed in automotive engineering, especially those who can speak English fluently. In addition to participating in training programs, interns must undergo an introductory period before they are allowed to start working with actual tasks.

The most significant electrical manufacturer in Germany is Siemens AG. They employ English speakers for many different types of internships, such as product development and sales. These are only a few examples of the kind of internship opportunities you can find at Siemens AG.

English Speaking HR Internship Requirements

While most German companies will hire you to perform general human resources tasks even if your skills are not yet at an expert level, you must have a bachelor's degree in human resource management or business administration. Also, you should be well versed in the standard procedures of employment law and unions. Other than that, no specialized knowledge is required for English speaking internships in Germany, as all of these topics are learned during training programs or on-site with real projects.

Dress codes may vary from company to company, but generally, formal attire is recommended. Further, people who conduct international business and travel frequently often present a severe demeanour. As such, it is best to wear professional clothing that can easily be cleaned in case you encounter a spill or stain.

Two references are also needed for English speaking HR internships. One should be from your previous employer, and the other should come from someone within the company where you wish to perform an internship. Finally, experience in project management is precious because it prepares you to multitask and work independently on real projects.

Life in Germany as a Student

Studying at a University in Germany as an English speaker is both exciting and challenging. On the one hand, there are many subjects you can choose from within the German university system. Further, you may find that you enjoy German food, music and culture. However, being removed from your usual social support network thousands of miles away from home can be difficult. 

In addition to learning to interact with students who speak German daily, it is also important to develop independence in your everyday life. This will help prepare you to live in another country or even become an expat working for an international company abroad. You will learn quickly that relying only on others for assistance is not always possible while abroad, and therefore must take responsibility for many things on your own. 

German Culture and Society

Further, Germans take their education very seriously. Because of this, competition to gain acceptance to German universities is fierce. You should be aware that everyone's goal is the same: to get in. Therefore, you may need to develop a competitive edge by studying hard. Remember that even after completing all four years of German language school and getting an internship here or in another country, you will still need more training before entering the workforce full-time. While your university studies can be completed in less than five years with a bachelor's degree, it might take longer if you decide on a different program like medicine. This is because many students enter programs such as these directly after graduating from school. 

Internships are an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Most businesses won't even consider you as an employee without internship experience. Therefore, interning allows students to gain exposure and networking opportunities before graduating.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to intern in Germany, make sure that you have an authentic experience and enjoy the time because it can open many doors for your future.

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for English speaking students seeking work abroad. There are hundreds of opportunities available in large cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, from fieldwork at a university to archaeology. Further, there are more than 300 multinational corporations located here as well. This means you could be working with influential people from around the world on exciting projects.

However, before signing up for an internship in Germany, it is best to get approval first from your academic advisor about its relevance to your career goals. It's also wise to ensure that you will still receive credit for your internship or even worth doing while abroad. Finally, make sure that you know the culture and values of Germany so that you can be a good representative of your home country during your stay here.