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English speaking Fashion internships in France

While the fashion industry, in general, has been hard hit by the recession, there are several English speaking fashion internship opportunities in France available to English speaking fashion interns. An English speaking fashion internship is very lucrative for those who have English speaking fashion internship in France. Internships in France allow fashion designers to visit the country and create a sense of the fashion industry in that country. This is the same sense of experience that other fashion industries experience in their local markets. It also helps students develop work ethics and business skills that will be valuable when working in the fashion industry full time.

The leading English speaking fashion internship in France are with the top designers and brands of Europe. These designers include Gucci, Dior, LVMH, Prada, and Kering and are scattered worldwide. Because of the size of the French fashion industry, these companies often contract out their internship opportunities for students from all over the world interested in fashion jobs. Because most designers live overseas and out of sight, it is not always easy to see them, but if you are an English speaking fashion intern, you can visit the sites and speak with the designers and make contacts.

If an English-speaking fashion intern is willing to travel to France, they may find employment with a major fashion house or designer. These internships may not offer paid internships but rather information about career opportunities and different areas of fashion the student is interested in. Fashion design schools sometimes organize field trips to various fashion shows. If a student is interested in designing clothing for a major label, they may visit the exhibition or speak with the people in the clothing line.

Most English speaking fashion internships in France offer free lodging and meals while attending the internship program. Because travelling to France for an internship is expensive, many companies provide transportation and accommodation services. If a student is attending a fashion school in another country, many of these services are provided by the school itself. Sometimes, a student needs to pay for their transportation to an English speaking fashion internship in France.

The fashion industry in France is not like most other fields. Because the fashion industry is seasonal, students who speak fluent English can have job opportunities only during the off-season. Students who have chosen to volunteer in the French fashion industry can expect to work long hours and be under pressure to perform. It is up to the student to learn the job as well as speak French to do so.

While some students may want to learn more about designing, others are interested in the business side of the fashion industry. If this is the case, the student may be happy to have the chance to participate in fashion shows or become an apprentice. To find out if such opportunities are available through an internship, a student should research the fashion shows held in France. Many of these are hosted by the fashion house of the student's choice.

The French language is spoken at times when a student is not on a foreign travel program. Because it is the most widely spoken language in Europe, some employers may require students to speak at least part of the language. A student may feel comfortable with the conversation at a cafe or tourist location where most of the population does know French. In some cases, a student may be expected to study the language full-time to get a good job better.

For all students, studying the English language will allow them to get a better job and make more money in their field. Some students may think that they cannot afford to participate in these internships, but it will depend on many factors, including financial aid. Some students may even qualify for need-based financial aid. Students interested in speaking fashion at an internship level should check out the English speaking fashion internships in France.